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Bringing the Bases Together

For years if you wanted data from an oil rig, it required multiple parties to give you information separately, bundle all that data in to a platform and then manipulate it to your desired layout.

AIM is here to change that. Our software aims to (and succeeds in)

  • Reducing waiting time
  • Allows for real time information to be seen
  • Creates a time lag experience to save on wasted communication
  • A pre-packaged data interface that makes integration easy
  • And so much more

Our outlook for AIM software is that we want to give you a unique view where it isn’t just the POV of the rigs you take notice of, but an overview of the entire market.

The biggest stumbling block when compiling data is completing data for multiple Excel sheets in such a way that makes it both comprehensive and easy to read. This can take day. AIM will reduce a daily report from an hour’s work to a minute (you set up the KPIs and we do the work), a weekly report to just a few minutes and a monthly report from 1-3 days of data compiling to a few clicks.

Take a look at some image of AIM at work.