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Our Unique Features

AIM will make the experience of checking on rigs as immersive and quick as possible. We have some unique ways of helping anyone, no matter what position, look at data and easily understand it.


From the field to the wellhead

With AIM, it is possible to instantly check the status from any level. You can get an overall look at how a field is performing, check on how a rig is doing and even see how each wellhead on that rig is operating.

Traffic Lights

When checking on an area, AIM uses a very simple traffic light to indicate performance. Any areas of interest indicating a red rig? Quickly tap on the icon and see whether it’s maintenance or operation has been put on hold for essential work to be carried out.

Notice Trends

Is production down at the same point every week? Need to know if this has been going on for a period of time without being noticed? AIM can indicate where any trends in production are occurring and notify you if they persist.

Tag Problems

So a pump has broken. A photo needs taken to be sent on an email to await a response. It has effected production for the day. Fast forward 3 months when checking on reports and you notice a dip in production over that period but no one can quickly recall what the problem was. In the AIM dashboard you can tag any major changes and make sure it won’t come as a surprise when reviewed.

Flareburn Alerts

It’s not even halfway through the year and your flareburn level is well over what was predicted. With alerts set up to notify when this happens, it is possible to reduce output for the next few months and report ahead of time.

Preset reports

Daily, weekly, monthly reports run at the click of a button
See for yourself what all the varying features of AIM do right here.