PharmacyView Effective management of patients’ pharmaceutical triage and care

PharmacyView enables pharmacists in the NHS to effectively manage their patients pharmaceutical triage and care. It helps pharmacists to record and see at a glance, completed pharmaceutical requests and alerts. This then helps to eliminate the need for unnecessary visits and assessments, saving them time.

Clinical pharmacists can use the application at the bedside to prioritsie their workload, record their activity and manage their workflow.  Nursing and medical staff can refer any patient to a pharmacist at the click of a button.  In a large hospital pharmacists can allocate resources to the patients who need the input from a pharmacist. Then those patients who require review on a daily basis can be easily identified and patients can be prioritised using the triage system.

PharmacyView bedside

Pharmacists can see how immediate discharge letters are progressing and ward staff can look at the digital whiteboard to see if medicines have been dispensed. The notes column helps with handovers as the next pharmacist can easily identify the issues that need to be resolved when starting their shift and prioritise their workload more effectively.

PharmacyView – the workflow tool designed for Pharmacists by Pharmacists

  • Available on touchscreens, desktops, and mobile devices
  • Control your workload by easily prioritising patient lists based on need, rather than location in the hospital
  • Improve patient safety with immediate alerts on the use of high risk drugs
  • Inform users with alerts & notifications if critical tasks have not been completed
  • Improve productivity & efficiency by eliminating telephone calls between wards & dispensary
  • Remove the duplication of work & hand written notes
  • Easily report on key information and trends. Reports that are time and date stamped can be used to generate electronically key performance indicators.

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