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From Chaos to Clarity

Many Scottish manufacturing companies we are speaking to still use manual or paper processes to manage their workflows and maintenance requests. This can be inefficient and worse still important jobs can get lost or are not acted on quickly enough.


So how do you tame this mess?

Nugensis Clarity is a Scottish software company that can help you introduce a defined sequence of tasks that can replace an otherwise manual process. This enables you to more effectively manage your manufacturing workloads.


Key benefits include:

  • Staying up-to-date on the status tasks and highlighting important jobs through alerts on relevant KPI’s
  • Tracking the backlog of work orders and scheduling work
  • Providing an audit trail of data, that can be tracked back to any date
  • Sharing data and easily extracting data for reports
  • Improving productivity and reducing administrative tasks

Contact us for more information or to learn how we helped a Scottish manufacturing company streamline their maintenance workflows.