Monitoring Hospital acquired infections spread & tracking patient flow

Monitoring Hospital acquired infections spread and tracking patient flow

When we talk to clinical staff in the NHS there is a lot of focus on preventing hospital acquired infections or maintaining very high hygiene standards. It can also be challenging when outbreaks do occur, where the early detection of outbreaks is vital, in order to allow timely investigation and control.

Clinical data from infection control systems such as ICNet can be pulled into a hospital wide decision making tool called InfoView. Using InfoView hospital acquired infections can then be tracked by hospital Ward, helping manage the spread of infection. Real-time information can be displayed at team meetings helping operational or infection control staff make informed decisions or put in place control measures.

Register for the InfoView Webinar in October to find out More

In the short 30 minute Webinar, we will be demonstrating the screens relating to infection spread as well as solutions that pinpoint patient flow blockages.

In the Webinar we can showcase how your healthcare organisation can:

  • Check bed capacity, actual/expected admissions and discharges across a hospital or group, pinpointing patient flow blockages in real-time
  • See a visual snapshot of your hospitals or wards performance in real-time for huddle or operations meetings.
  • Monitor gender split by ward, patient satisfaction scores or minimising infection spread by tracking hospital acquired infections
  • Learn more about WardView our bed management application (See NHS GGC Video)

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