A Day in the Life of WardView

What are you?

I’m commonly known as an electronic whiteboard, after my marker pen predecessor.  Think of a single picture of a ward’s patients, made up of certain key information about them.  Here’s a selfie I did of me in a WIG ward recently, minus the left hand columns with patient names etc

WardView Selfie

WardView Selfie

Most obviously this display is on a large TV-type screen attached to a wall in the staff area of the ward, but it works on PCs and mobile tablets as well.  But it’s not just a display – users can do things by tapping or typing too.


WardView can be used on large touchscreens, tablets and PC’s

How are you able to talk to an interviewer?

Well I can’t, of course, so my users Fiona[1], Morven[2] and Ruth[3] are speaking for me.

What are you for?

With the huge pressure on beds it’s a real challenge managing the workflow around our in-patients.  I offer facilities to help make all the actions around discharge planning slicker and safer.  Maybe I should be called WardDo instead of WardView

How do you do that?

By taking the patient data in Trakcare and displaying it in an at-a-glance way.  Has transport been arranged?  What stage is the take-home medication at?  And if you’re a bed manager, say, interested in estimated dates of discharge then a tap on my screen orders all the patients from soonest date upwards.  But for whatever use the visual aspect is always important, with consistent colours and shapes to denote different things.  You’ll see that on the picture above.

[1] Fiona Bernklow, Senior Bed Manager

[2] Morven McElroy, Consultant Geriatrician

[3] Ruth Forrest, Lead Clinical Pharmacist



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