How to improve Patient Flow

Our family of products supports patient flow, patient safety and better care for patients. Since our inception, our team has worked with senior e-health professionals advising, and creating solutions for the health and social care industries.  Our work with primary and secondary care providers across the country has given us a wide breadth of knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing the health and social care sector today.

We work with NHS Trusts and Boards to help them track patient care along the patient pathway, right from admission to discharge. Our system has helped acute hospitals throughout the UK reduce waiting times and speed up patient discharge.  Managers, Nurses and clinicians now have the tools at their fingertips to monitor and improve patient flow, safety and care.  The Nugensis family of products interface with existing hospital systems helping clinical staff to more efficiently manage resources.

In our work with key health boards and trusts, we have developed a number of new patient-centered applications, designed to reduce the average length of stay, free up front line staff by reducing administrative tasks, and reduce hospital admissions for the elderly.

The technology supports hospital at home services. This enables patients to be discharged into their own home in a safer environment where they are less prone to infection.

How Nugensis Solutions Improve Patient Flow

How Nugensis Solutions Improve Patient Flow


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