The 5 words patients most want to hear

Many patients who are ready to be discharged are often just waiting to hear five words:

You can go home now…

No patient wants to be a ‘bed-blocker’, but with winter pressures, it’s all too easy for delayed discharges to occur.

Perhaps the most fundamental practice to achieving results is to improve the flow and visibility of patient information – this can help to shorten length of stay, and positively impact bed blocking. Often patients can remain in hospital beds because nursing staff are unsure of how far along they are in their treatment for example.

Many hospitals rely on handwritten whiteboards, which often contain unclear, inconsistent and out-of-date information. This information is also solely ward-based, meaning it doesn’t extend to other hospital areas like administration, physiotherapy or pharmacy staff which can cause delays through miscommunication and work duplication. A solution is to install a comprehensive application that captures, in real-time, the current status of each patient in a way that is visible across the whole hospital. By using WardView, healthcare professionals can get the information they need and communicate more effectively with colleagues, thus enhancing the quality of care provided to patients.

If hospitals prepare in advance by working towards an EDD that is visible and transparent, patients can go home sooner and are likely to have higher levels of satisfaction post-discharge.

At Nugensis, we have developed a Ward based solution by clinicians, for clinicians and is focused on releasing time to care, reducing the administrative burden on clinical staff. It is also a fully-integrated product in the sense that it can pull information from any existing clinical systems into a single, unified view providing patient status at a glance.

eHealth delivery Nugensis software, Victoria Hospital, Kirkaldy

Our software is typically used on large electronic touchscreens, it is available via any browser on desktops, laptops, and handheld devices (Android and iOS), enabling users to update and view patient status at the bedside or indeed remotely.

To learn more about WardView please visit our Website or Book a Demo for a 10 minute overview of the product by WebEx, where we would be happy to explain a little more about the results we have helped trusts achieve.


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