NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde transforms its Pharmacy services

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde,  the largest health board in the UK, serving a population of 1.2 million people, has implemented Nugensis PharmacyView across six of the major acute hospitals in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Pharmacists needed timely access to clinical information, close to the patient, to improve the delivery of pharmaceutical care and help maintain continuity of care as the patient moves through the hospital.

PharmacyView enables pharmacists and technicians to record and view pharmacy-referrals from ward staff, patient triage status and the progress of immediate discharge letters in real-time. All ward and pharmacy staff now have the ability to see who is due for discharge and when drugs are ready for discharge. This helps  senior charge nurses and bed managers plan more effectively, as they can see when immediate discharge letters have been completed, reducing the number of phone calls they need to make to pharmacy staff.

Pharmacists can now more easily plan their workload based on patient need, rather than location in the hospital. Many of the changes are designed to free up hospital pharmacists time to focus more on the delivery of clinical care. Everything is now time and date stamped and this can be used to electronically generate key performance indicators for the service which can be used to improve quality. Pharmacists working in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have embraced the technology describing the application as helping to keep making care better

This is the future, I’m glad to be working in an innovative pharmacy department Lead Pharmacist at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde 

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PharmacyView helps pharmacists to deliver care at the bedside by helping them record their activity and manage their workflow

PharmacyView helps pharmacists to deliver care at the bedside by helping them record their activity and manage their workflow

Key benefits of the implementation include:

  • Enabling NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde pharmacists to collaborate more easily with colleagues and to have an electronic view of patients prioritised for pharmaceutical care
  • Helping pharmacists deliver care at the bedside by helping them to record their activity, as well as manage their workflow
  • Enabling GGC pharmacists to allocate resources to the patients who need the input from a pharmacist the most

PharmacyView will enable NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to improve our workforce planning and prioritise the quality of care we give our patients

Angela Munday Lead Pharmacist, Patient Services, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

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