Patient Flow lessons from the London Underground

The London Underground and hospitals both have the same challenge in managing the flow of people through their system safely and efficiently.  As one of the busiest mass transit systems in the world, improving passenger flow and mitigating the misery of the rush hour is a top priority for the London Underground.

In order to see the big picture, the London underground uses technology to access to real-time information, identify and deal with blockages in the system (such as a passenger taken ill), diagnose performance issues and to help them make more informed decisions. Finally, when they analyse information, they break information into manageable chunks to help mental mapping and they use clearly identifiable zones such as an interchange zone.

Nugensis have developed a decision making tool called InfoView which can display near real-time data from across a hospital or NHS Trust in a similar way. It can help hospital decision makers manage patient flow by showing data without any visual clutter in three distinct zones:

  • Admissions and Assessment Zone
  • Care and Treatment Zone
  • Discharge Zone


Other screens on InfoView show patient demographics, patient flow and key indicators across the entire healthcare organisation or trust.

If you are interested in finding out more register for our Webinar at 12pm on Thursday, the 1st of September where we will demonstrate our InfoView and WardView products


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