NHS Lanarkshire WardView Implementation

The Client

NHS Lanarkshire is responsible for improving the health of more than 553,000 people living within the council areas of North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire in Scotland. NHS Lanarkshire employs approximately 12,000 staff.

NHS Lanarkshire is the third largest healthcare system in Scotland. The three district acute hospitals in the area are Wishaw, Monklands in Airdrie and Hairmyres in East Kilbride, each have an accident and emergency department and provide a range of specialist medical and surgical services.

The Challenge

Implementing a standardised whiteboard for all Wards in North Lanarkshire was a big challenge. Consensus needed to be reached on what information was displayed on the electronic whiteboards. Staff concerns on using modern Touchscreen technology also needed to be addressed during the removal of manual whiteboards used in Wards. Staff were reluctant to change until they saw measurable benefits in collecting information.

The Solution

The WardView Electronic Whiteboard was fully implemented across 56 wards in acute hospitals across NHS Lanarkshire in December 2013. NHS Lanarkshire was able to deploy WardView across its three acute hospitals, in only three weeks.

  • WardView helped provided a standardised View for collecting Ward information across NHS Lanarkshire
  • The screens in many wards are now used as part of the daily nursing ward handover meetings.
  • Patient Estimated Discharge Dates more up to date and delays in discharges more visible

The Benefits

  • All Ward whiteboards using WardView now have the same look and feel across the organisation and the same base data is collected whatever ward staff work in.
  • Staff can identify measures that require to be taken as part of routine discharge planning and thereby avoidable potential delays which can be addressed at an earlier stage.
  • Improved patient safety through better identification of the sickest patients and increased awareness of patient warnings.
  • Delays in discharges are more visible with improved planning of patient care around the goal of successful discharge.
  • Identification of Consultant responsibility has been improved.
  • Allied Health Practitioners are using WardView for managing their referrals, improving efficiency on the ward, as they can see at a glance where they are needed without needing to check with Nursing Staff.
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