CareView our Hospital at Home system is today’s alternative to a traditional hospital whiteboard, providing a secure, clear and up-to-date overview of all patients at home under the care of a hospital and community healthcare team. The application underpins high-quality treatment at home as part of the drive to reduce hospital admissions.
CareView was developed by specialists in e-health in conjunction with community healthcare practitioners. By displaying all the patient data needed by the healthcare or multi-agency team, in real-time, it enhances decision-making and enables more efficient working and practitioner allocation. This releases more time to deliver the very best care to patients being treated in their homes.

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Why implement CareView?

  • Careview helps Community Nurses plan their visits through an interactive map, reducing travelling time and speeding up attendance.
  • Improves planning and continuity of care through better team communications.
  • Reduced hospital admissions for the elderly through our Hospital at home system.
  • The application helps improve partnership working between primary, acute, community and multi-agency teams helping them to share information more effectively.
  • The application enables more efficient working and practitioner allocation, freeing up time to deliver the best care to patients being treated in their homes.
  • Supports the re-shaping of care for the elderly service provision.
  • Utilises existing PAS to track care at Home patients in a “virtual ward” for consistent and secure information capture and sharing.

Careview enables community care professionals, nurses and doctors, to view and update patient care information in real time on electronic whiteboards or tablet devices. Careview provides the information where and when it’s needed, helping facilitate the integration of care across many specialities and disciplines. It provides a secure, central, and real-time view of hospital and community health-care patients being treated at home.