Real-time visual reporting of operational performance across a hospital trust or health board. InfoView displays organisational, hospital and individual ward views of key performance indicators at-a-glance, supporting the drive to improve efficiencies, provide better care for patients and improve patient safety.
InfoView presents information in colour-coded graphical indicators for key performance data.

 InfoView gives you “real time” knowledge of critical data across a hospital’s operations, installing confidence, respect, credibility and increased ownership in reducing delays. If you have transformation programs focused on patient flow or need to monitor and eliminate bottlenecks to save time, then click on the link below to see a webinar demo.

Why implement InfoView?

·         Get a global overview patient flow, pinpointing flow issues, giving you a snapshot of your hospitals or wards in real-time for huddle meetings. 

·         Check your bed capacity across the patient pathway from admissions through to discharges across a hospital or group of hospitals

·         Monitor infection the spread of disease or infections within your hospitals

·         Prevent mixed sex breaches and get a snapshot of patient demographics

·         Anticipate and view in real-time hidden waits, providing evidence for a more structured conversation with Social Care partners earlier in the patient journey

InfoView a global overview patient flow, pinpointing flow issues