The Atlantis mission is to change the economics of storage in the datacentre. To turn upside-down the traditional approaches and apply innovative software with hardware and hyper-converged solutions to fundamentally transform how the datacentre consumes storage. 

The Atlantis solution unlocks the potential of software-defined storage, providing orders of magnitude lower cost and better performance than traditional datacentre storage. 

  • Storage Consolidation through Atlantis USX™ enables businesses to get up to ten times more storage capacity out of new or existing hardware.
  • Desktop Virtualisation via Atlantis USX creates the fastest VDI environment independent of the underlying storage. 
  • Performance Acceleration with Atlantis USX™, IT organisations can deliver unlimited IOPS across the entire datacentre with any type of storage at a near-zero cost for additional IOPS. 
  • Server Based Computing, Virtualise Server Based Desktops and Apps with confidence
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, simplify your datacentre by converging compute and storage
  • VMware Horizon 6, 5x performance boost plus 10x more desktops on VSAN

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  • Download the Hyper-Converged and Software Defined Whitepaper
  • Download the Atlantis HyperScale Cost Comparison
  • Download the Atlantis USX 3 solution brief
  • Download the Atlantis USX for SQL Server Solution Brief
  • Download the Atlantis USX for VDI Solution Brief