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Organisations have to face the new reality that it is not a matter of if they will be breached, but when they will be breached.  Attackers are already inside – either rightfully as an employee or contractor, or through legitimate but compromised credentials as an outside hacker.  Their presence on a network wouldn’t necessarily look suspicious to IT, but their activity would likely appear anomalous. Still, users’ behaviouron many internal systems is rarely monitored or analysed.

Without monitoring user behaviour, it’s virtually impossible to protect your corporate network.

How soon do you know when:

  • Thousands of sensitive files are deleted?
  • A user (or attacker) gains root privileges?
  • Important security groups or GPOs are modified?
  • Permissions on sensitive folders are broken?
  • Risky changes occur outside a change window?
  • Malware is encrypting files on your servers?

In today’s threat environment, user and entity behavior analytics have become an essential data security measure. Varonis automatically analyses and detects suspicious activity and prevents data breaches using deep analysis of metadata, machine learning, and advanced User Behaviour Analytics (UBA).

Our Express Risk Assessment will outline your problem areas, prioritise risk, and give you concrete steps to take to improve your data security.

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