Want to Go Green in 2016?


Making a simple change to your business computers could help you save the planet and money!

With the world uniting to cut carbon emissions to help save our planet at the recent Paris Climate Change Summit, many businesses are also keen to do their bit to be Green in 2016. But one of the frustrations for business leaders is that doing the right thing by the planet can often mean complicated, time consuming and sometimes costly initiatives to implement. As a result, good intentions are too easily left to one side as the reality of running a profitable business begins to bite.

But a research institution has recently identified one very simple way that a business can go green – reducing green house gases and saving the company money – by just making a simple adjustment to their computers.

By turning existing business computers into thin client devices those clever folks at the German Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT) found that businesses can cut their desktop management costs by up to 47% and reduce global warming potential by up to 59%.

So what’s a thin client?

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By using a simple piece of IGEL Technology software on a USB stick or disk, old desktop computers and laptops can be converted into thin client devices in just minutes. A thin client behaves just like your old PC but stores all its information directly on the server, rather than on the device, and can be managed and updated more simply than PCs.

When the researchers compared new PCs and notebooks with older devices, which continue to be used after converting them to IGEL software-based thin clients, they found that over a typical three-year period the software thin clients reduced global warming potential by up to 59%, and cut overall costs by up to 47%. For a business with 100 converted computers that’s a saving of £720 per computer.

Why adopt IGEL Thin Client technology?

  • Reduce the carbon tonnes your organisation produces
  • Lower operational costs in both power and people
  • No Yearly Software Management Costs
  • Lifespan on a thin client is 7-12 years
  • Warranty on a thin client is 5 years replacement for hardware
  • Support on the software is provided for the lifetime of the device at no additional cost
  • IGEL Management Software Included in the price

So through the use of simple, tried and tested technology and a change to your existing PCs, businesses can take an easy step to help reduce global warming…and save themselves money. Now that’s got to be worth exploring. For more information or to book a 30 day free trial visit Contact Us


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