Developed by clinicians for clinicians; directly improving patient care

Priding itself on a customer-led approach, Nugensis tailors its products to each client’s specific needs. For example, WardView, an award-winning whiteboard application, was developed in response to the needs of Scottish health boards. It provides health professionals with real-time information on patient and bed status. By interfacing with existing hospital systems, it helps to reduce duplication and the administrative burden on staff.

WardView is so effective that, after witnessing it in action, the Scottish Government actively sought extra funding for more hospitals to implement the system.

Building strong customer relationships
Most importantly to Nugensis, its products also receive excellent feedback from customers, with hard-working nurses reporting they now have the time to take tea breaks, due to the time savings afforded by the technology.

The health and social care sector in Scotland is a primary market for Nugensis, and since its inception, it has been working closely with healthcare professionals throughout the country to develop and deliver solutions to the many challenges they face.

As a result of its partnership approach, Nugensis has built a strong and trusted relationship with the NHS. In 2014 it secured a £2million contract with NHS Scotland and around 87 per cent of Scottish acute hospitals now use its products, demonstrating its enormous value to the health and social care community.

Work will begin this month on implementing our flagship ward and patient flow system application WardView in the new Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, the largest health board in the UK.

Transforming healthcare across the UK
Whilst firmly established in Scotland, Nugensis is making waves in England and Wales.

Most recently, the business sold WardView into four hospitals in England and secured a contract with the Welsh Emergency Retrieval Trauma Service to implement mobile solutions for flying doctors.

Customers can contact us for more information on the health and social care suite of applications or book a demonstration.


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