Improving Patient flow in the NHS

Hear from Nugensis health customers on how Nugensis applications have helped them improve hospital patient flow, enhance patient safety and made hospital at home services a reality.

In our work with key health boards and trusts, we have developed a number of new patient-centered applications, designed to reduce the average length of stay, free up front line staff by reducing administrative tasks, and reduce hospital admissions for the elderly. While our software is typically used on large electronic touchscreens, it is available via any browser on desktops, laptops, and handheld devices (Android and iOS), enabling users to update and view patient status at the bedside or indeed remotely.

Nugensis have a family of products  developed in consultation with clinicians:

  • AdmissionsView – Real-time visual reporting of all patients in A&E and MAU
  • EMRSView – Mission-critical patient information and faster data gathering for trauma services
  • WardView – A single view of ward life at a glance and real-time patient monitoring
  • InfoView – The InfoView visual report shows critical data across every aspect of hospital operations
  • PharmacyView – Effective management of patients’ pharmaceutical triage and care
  • PSATView – PSAT Is a mobile app for collection of patient experience feedback

Nugensis work with senior e-health professionals advising, and creating solutions for the health and social care industries.  For a demonstration of any of our health and social care products Click Here 


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