Empowered hospital pharmacists prioritise patient care

PharmacyView has been developed by Nugensis, a leading UK IT company with a particular interest in health and social care, in partnership with NHS hospital pharmacists. It is already in use across five NHS Boards in Scotland – Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Lanarkshire, Borders, Tayside and Fife – and there is significant interest from others. PharmacyView is just as relevant to hospitals in the rest of the UK and is currently in the final stages of discussions with several hospital trusts in England.

Scott Garden, Chief Pharmacist for Acute Services at Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy and Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline says: ‘In the fast-paced environment of an acute hospital, PharmacyView enables the pharmacy team to communicate better with each other, more effectively target resources on patients based on risk, improve patient safety and speed up the discharge process. PharmacyView has been easy for staff to use and enables them to manage their workload more efficiently.

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Accessible via desktops, laptops and Wi-Fi-enabled handheld mobile devices, the tool enables pharmacists to identify and prioritise pharmaceutical care from anywhere and, in particular, while on the ward. At a glance, they can see every patient’s name, age and admittance details, their location within the hospital and their pharmaceutical triage status. The system indicates whether referral to a pharmacist is required (or in progress or completed), the patient’s triage category and review date, and provides updates on discharge and whether an Immediate Discharge Letter and prescription is required.

As well as eliminating paperwork and reducing the amount of time pharmacists spend on administration, PharmacyView facilitates handovers, makes it easier to identify the location of priority patients, and expedites workload planning. Built-in alerts notify users if key tasks, such as medicines reconciliation, have not been completed on time. Patients can also be more easily tracked as they move around a hospital site.

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