AdmissionsView provides an immediate, real-time view of all inpatients within admitting wards and emergency patients with a decision to admit waiting for assessment, treatment or admission. It has been specifically developed to ease the pressures on A&E and Medical Assessment Units (MAU) by enabling constant monitoring of the latest data on issues, flows and bottlenecks. Replacing the traditional admissions team whiteboard, AdmissionsView is displayed on an easy-to-use intuitive touchscreen and presents easily-assimilated information at every stage.

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Why implement AdmissionsView?

  • The application shows the latest data on patient flow, incomplete assessments and bottlenecks. This helps staff make quick assessments of priorities and urgent actions leading to lower waiting times, supporting the drive to meet demanding national targets.
  • Streamlined shift handovers through easy information sharing.
  • Reduces clinicians’ time spent on administration and gives more clinical time for direct patient care.
  • Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of multi-disciplinary teamwork, through more effective communications with wards, clinicians and pharmacists.
  • Better management of emergency facilities with more efficient management of the patient journey
  • Immediate and real-time overview of the precise status of admitting Ward and MAU helps to free up beds and rooms more quickly.

AdmissionsView has been developed in partnership with clinicians and reflects exactly how admitting wards and MAU work. It gives real-time information on where patients are located, their presenting complaint and the time they have been waiting for assessment. It continues to display all relevant details right through until the emergency team relinquishes responsibility and the patients are either admitted or discharged.