PharmacyView provides an immediate and real-time view of every patient’s pharmacy service requirements within a specialty or hospital, or across a whole NHS Board. PharmacyView is available on touchscreens, desktops, and mobile devices, enabling pharmacists to identify and effectively manage the prescription and supply of drugs regardless of whether they are at a patient’s bedside or within the dispensary.
PharmacyView enables pharmacists and technicians to record and see, at a glance, completed/incomplete pharmacy-based requests and alerts, enabling a more safety-focused approach to the provision of patient care, thus eliminating unnecessary patient visits and assessments.

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Why implement PharmacyView?

  • PharmacyView reduces the risk of overlooking care requirements and improves access to critical information, while also decreasing reliance on paper records.
  • The application integrates seamlessly with electronic medicines management systems, thus reducing valuable clinicians’ time spent on administration.
  • PharmacyView helps reduce the time pharmacy clinicians spend on administrative tasks and decreases the number of phone calls nurses make following up on patients medications.
  • Easy identification of priority patients and those requiring specialist pharmaceutical support.
  • Enhances patient safety and experience, with immediate alerts on use of high-risk drugs.
  • Improves quality of care through flags, alerts and notifications.
  • Speeds up discharge by clearly communicating discharge drugs needed.

PharmacyView works in conjunction with WardView, the Nugensis ward management system, and replicates its look and feel. Real-time patient data can be instantly viewed on the intuitive touchscreen and updated on the spot, with clear and immediate indicators of special pharmaceutical needs or patients requiring more intensive support.